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Sara Forbush Profile

I am an artist from the tiny town of Rexburg, Idaho where I live with my husband and four kids. I fell in love with drawing in 5th grade after drawing a Scooby Doo picture that I was very proud of haha! I love olive green, sushi and singing to music in the car. Minimalism and organizing feed my soul. Most of all I love being with my family in the mountains! 

Growing up in Rexburg I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in places like Island Park, West Yellowstone and Teton National Park with endless  hikes and beautiful landscapes. It’s in these places where I feel most happy, connected and thoughtful. My goal is to convey that sense of wonder through my artwork. I hope to create art to remind you of your adventures. Those wonder filled moments amidst vast landscapes that cause you to reflect. Those moments of reverence and calm. Those are the moments I hope to help you remember because that is my small way of spreading joy.
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